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Granting Laundry Wishes ...

Everyone’s asked themselves “Can I get away with wearing this shirt again?” as they give it a whiff, in dire need of a fresh, clean, wrinkle-free outfit.

Meanwhile, a hamper overflowing with dirty laundry looms in the closet– neglected for lack of time and energy. Frustration is exaggerated when you know exactly what you want to wear, but find that it’s dirty or in need of ironing. Who wants the annoyance of spending hours doing the most mundane of chores: the laundry

About Us

We’re a couple of guys who like to always have fresh, clean clothes but hate the time, money and effort it takes to keep it up. We knew there had to be a better way…

Over pizza and a few beers at a Fort Lauderdale watering hole, we put together a plan to coordinate the integration of our dry cleaning, ironing and wash-n-fold laundry.

One of us took our clothes hampers home to his mom (who loved doing laundry) to be washed, dried and folded. The other took all the dry cleaning to a place that gave him a special discount through his employer.

Combined, we were able to take advantage of discounts that got all of our wash-n-fold, dry cleaning and ironing done at a very low cost compared to traditional means; plus it afforded us time to do the things we wanted to do, rather than spending time on the laundry.

The process quickly became like clockwork and we never again had to take the “Smell test”.

When a few of our buddies heard about it, they wanted in the laundry “club” too. Within a month, we were too busy for mom and expanded. Only with the appreciation & recommendation of our buddies who became our clients, we decided to make this service available to a select part of Fort Lauderdale.

Today, My Laundry Genie provides service to all of Eastern Broward County and in Palm Beach County as far north as Delray Beach.

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